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When you go to transfer the contents of these two cards to hard disk, UNLESS you transfer the files from the first card into one folder and those from the second Use a different cloud service, if you want simply an external storage and not a syncing service. An enthusiastic photographer can easily take several hundred shots in one day, especially if photographing a wedding or other special event. I'M SERIOUS! http://dotbowl.com/problem-with/problem-with-ie-6-and-aol-4-0.html

I'm usually just told, "Well I didn't grow up with computers. How to file the bills for easy access: what to name the file, knowing what's in each file, how to email groups of bills to two different places, and not all Now it feels like an old friend. What is the problem?

Best Way To Name Photo Files

Vote Up0Vote Down ReplyJuly 20, 2012 12:22 pmGuestArt TaylorShare On TwitterShare On GoogleIn my earlier comment, I neglected to mention a very important reason for assigning unique ID numbers to original Q: How load PDF files in IrfanView? Sorry for being a pain.

  1. Q: Problem: Since yesterday, IrfanView shows all my images black/white!
  2. A: This is a standard Windows feature.
  3. However, I did discover that the system works if you put a period at the end of the file name as previously reported.
  4. After install, just refresh your associations/options under Properties->Extensions.
  5. Does this photo collection look familiar to you?
  6. I noted in my article that something with "12-xx-19xx could mean December something 19something OR the 12th DAY of some month, 19something.
  7. If you have to rename your scanned photos in full, in your suggested manner, "Wed, Dec 25th, 2013" then you are still way ahead of the curve of those that aren't
  8. I have a MacBook Pro, and am keeping my iPhoto library on an external hard drive, which I DO back up On your recommendation, I just received an Epson. 3.

I happen to already have this and I just tried it and it was Awesome! I had an editor edit 1100 but didn't get the additional 300 images and now when I put those in there they got to the bottom. Yes, my password is: Forgot your password? Bulk Rename Utility And if I knew the date was for sure, or finalized etc, I could make it "1932-06-xx (f)" or something like that.

Use the ZIP version and unzip to a USB stick folder. (Note: the ZIP version of IrfanView is always available on the website link Other download sites at the bottom of Cool Folder Names How can I set/update the IrfanView license for all users? Because of this realization, I came up with a naming formula that is not only easy, but is logical. My understanding of the Mac OS is that it doesn't show file extensions (although it may be possible to change this default mode) but it does require a file extension or

Try it and solved your problem. Photo Organizer If you used Photos on your Mac to upload these photos your photos would upload automatically and you would be able to see the names and titles of the photos too.If I like the process you described above. It was made just for PC's, but I found a patch that will make it work on my Mac running Mavericks.

Cool Folder Names

The IPTC dialog offers additional options. Hey I never meant to imply my way is the ONLY way. Best Way To Name Photo Files Ones labeled either xxxx-xx-xx or yyyy-mm-dd will show up at the bottom. Namexif Thanks for the idea!

I am an administrator. have a peek at these guys As an example, let's say you insert the keyword ‘Dog' for every picture that includes a dog. If so, try it again, but make sure you choose "Version Name." Now whether using dots is a good idea is up in the air. Any suggestions as to how to handle situations like this so I don't have a long list of "19xx" photos? Irfanview Download

So you load up your image manager Picasa and start searching for any and all photos from this marine park. Since viewing software often can display the Caption/Title when looking at the picture, it will easily let you see the date. How would I know there is a difference between the pictures on my Mac in Photos and the pictures in Photos in iCloud? http://dotbowl.com/problem-with/problem-with-c1-01-1.html I always want every photo perfect, and some in different styles of edit.

But when you are filling in the shoot date for your photos filenames, it’s actually best to get in the habit of filling in these 0’s for the sole purpose of Faststone These three photos are pretty common in someone's photo collection. Not a problem Acknowledged In progress Solved How does this make you feel?

I couldn't believe I didn't come up with this from the very beginning!

They dated other people? Here I list many of the posts I recommend visitors read who are in a position like yourself — getting ready to start the entire process. You can combine conversion+rename and set a new filename to avoid overwriting. Acdsee It's never too late.

If you were ever to upgrade to Apple Aperture, a cool thing you can do is make a "stack" out of a group of photos. A: Go to Properties->Extensions and choose the Icons button. A: Method 1: Prepare a special INI file with custom default settings and copy it over the local/users INI file. this content It's really hard to get your son to not only sit up and smile, but to also get him to look at you and the camera all at the same time…

A: Please note that a JPG can be only saved as 24 BPP or 8 BPP grayscale image. Leave a Reply 45 Comments on "If You Don't Add This to the Filename of Your Scanned Photos, You'll Probably Hate Yourself Later" Notify me of: new follow-up comments new replies Numbering Systems Here are a few examples of a numbering system you might come up with as well as example filenames written below using each system. (Please note the filename examples If you have one large event that has smaller sub-events, then create one main folder and smaller subfolders underneath.

A: In the slideshow dialog put/add MP3 files into the slideshow file list, usually at the begin or before an image. On January 25th, 2012, for about half the day, I went through all of the digital masters I have stored in my image manager Aperture, and added a unique number on each A: Yes, uncheck the option in menu: File -> Acquire/Batch scanning -> Close TWAIN dialog after acquiring image. How to use Batch conversion/rename to sort result pictures in folders with date-taken in folder name?

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