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Problem With Dell 530s And CloneDrive

For extra flexibility I am going to install a bracket on my computer with switches that will allow me from outside to power down each drive individually, but this is optional. When I got a SSD (solid state drive) and the clone software was copying from one SSD partion to another SSD partition, re-clone times dropped dramatically to just a couple of If 64, sky's the limit on ram, only limited by what your board can take... 4g is cool, 8g is AWESOME. Cheap (and dirty) way to add to esata ports to PC (motherboard sata ports brought out with no buffering!) I've tried it with 1 meter external esata cable, and it works. check over here

I've long had two 2 TB USB drives, one the clone of the other, but recently when one of them started to act up, I bought a 3rd 2 TB USB Swapping cables may be easy for pros with open computers on a lab bench in good light and tools handy, but it is a different thing entirely in a home setup. Free Republic Browse · Search General/Chat Topics · Post Article FreeRepublic, LLC, PO BOX 9771, FRESNO, CA 93794 FreeRepublic.com is powered by software copyright 2000-2008 John Robinson Ubuntu Forums > The Upgrade or overlay installs are troublesome. 105 posted on 03/10/2014 7:14:42 PM PDT by roamer_1 (Globalism is just socialism in a business suit.) [ Post Reply | Private Reply | To this

Windows 7 desktops still for sale (update 4/2/16) A check on Amazon (4/2/16) surprisingly shows brand name, full size desktop computers with Windows 7 preinstalled are still for sale. Anther way is identify which drive is active is to make their desktops a little different, which requires a little touch up after each cloning, because the cloning will make them When I reverse the drives at boot, the c:\ and f:\ folders switch and the 2nd drive's desktop comes up. The fact that it is older and USB 2 makes no difference to me, since I use the USB port only for power.

W/7 as much as I would like to have it over W/8 would likely have me doing a couple of days of downloads to bring it up to date. No doubt, if you dig around, you can find a blowed-up box with Seven on it that you can get for free. An eSata cable run from the bracket to a small aluminium eSata enclosure that holds my 2.5" Crucial 240 Gb sata solid state. If I understand flash, as a removable media it should be possible to make it bootable single partition, and at 64 Gbytes it's barely big enough to hold a clone.

This item has been successfully added to your list. Microsoft's version of image backup and recovery is built into Windows 7, but like many Microsoft utilities it works poorly. no menu... [ubuntu] Ubuntu Lossless Cue Splitter [ubuntu] 82865G Integrated Graphics Controller [ubuntu] Dell PowerEdge SC420 -- Desktop Cube [SOLVED] Firefox will not launch [ubuntu] im new in ubuntu, just a you could check here My dual boot expanded into a multiple boot.

Much of this essay goes into great detail about my bios problems and how I solved it. Even though Window 7 had made the image, the Windows 7 repair environment was unable to see the drive where the image was, so the restore failed. After 10-20 seconds restart the gadget!" (http://forums.techguy.org/windows-7/1142347-win-7-weather-desktop-gadget-2.html) With the clone now up to date I just opened Casper 8 in the clone and (re)cloned it over my primary OS partition. SSD lower partition is my main OS drive, the other three are clones (of varying ages).

  1. I assumed it would be a simple matter to extend the cloning to my new SSD drive.
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  3. X2 and TC the best of the X games!
  4. X2 and TC the best of the X games!

I just said that I don't see how the content of the Clean Boot link could be related to my problem.I did not say anything else... Probably optional, just extra insurance, a hardware way to isolate a defective hard drive. (not yet arrived) Highly rated, inexpensive card I bought to add four USB 3 ports. Email check failed, please try again Sorry, your blog cannot share posts by email. %d bloggers like this: HomeForum IndexX³: Terran Conflict / Albion Prelude - Technical Support Select a forumEnglish His solution (as a computer builder) was to look for a new mother board with two sata controllers.

Physically (as the sketch above shows) this is done as follows. check my blog Same size or larger than existing drive will work with any clone software, however, good clone software will allow a cloning to a smaller drive too as long as it larger I usually have to alt-tab out and terminate starcraft from task manager and restart. Now to allow an electronic choice of booting between the two hard drives set up a dual boot using free utility EasyBCD.

You need a spare hard drive (or partition) to be dedicated to the clone, because cloning will erase everything, and at a minimum it needs to have more capacity than bytes the system can only use 3g (like all 32b win), but if you share video ram, the vid won't be borrowing from the OS anymore. A clone backup is different too from a RAID 'backup'. this content A web search (in Bing) for others having this problem came up empty.

It's a little more than necessary, but I wanted the option to try mounting the clone drive both inside and outside the case. I found this remarkable difficult to do. For the clone to be bootable the 2nd hard drive needs to be plugged directly into the motherboard not connected via a USB cable.

Visibility into an image and file access from an image is either zero or limited.

I write 'SSD' and 'SSD-2' on the aluminium cases. It just happens to start off with the same stuff as the primary hard drive and is bootable too. Pavilion 550-016 uses a Memphis2-S motherboard and from a picture of it I can see three Sata connectors (space for four, but the 4th is not installed). Never did find a reference on how to do this, but with a lot reading and trial and error I made progress and eventually figured it out for myself.

Wrong! Seagate utilities are buggy junk. Clean up and make permanent Once you have the clone backup working this quick and dirty way, you can clean it up and make it a permanent backup. have a peek at these guys One thought that occurred to me is that the need to update the clone frequently to keep data fresh can be greatly reduced by use of a scheduled backup of data

I searched around to get the best speed I could for reasonable money, and it's got pretty good specs: "up to 95MB/s read and 60MB/s write", so we will see what In Explorer I have assigned these names: 'OS main (C:)' and 'OS 500 GB clone drive #1 (F:). (Explorer adds the 'OS' and drive letter, which can change.) When I am Do you still have to be an advanced technogeek in order to run LINUX? My system is basic a CD/DVD player and I have an external HD for back up and additional storage.

I have no freaking idea. It also work on this system many times in my old game and nothing changed on my system. The big problem with an image backup is that it is not robust, it can easily fail. Finding both options worked I later decided to do both by buying one more drive.

The root of the complication is the bios, specifically the sata setting of the bios.

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