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Power Supply Question/Computer Buy

It's often the most undervalued, under-appreciated component within any device, yet one of the first components to cause failure. As mentioned above, modern computers are 12V-heavy loads. Ripple No supply, even a regulated one, can keep its output voltage exactly at the rating. Computers specs listed below. Source

However, unless you go poking around where the average consumer shouldn't be, you won't likely run into unregulated supplies. Some have 6/8 pin connectors for GPUs.For your next question, most everyday PSUs are interchangeable as we normally use low power machines which more or less consume 400w and have an What about some tips on current limiting protection? –clabacchio♦ Jun 29 '12 at 7:53 3 One thing to be aware of is old magnetic transformer plug packs have an optimal Powered by Mediawiki. http://www.bestbuy.com/site/computer-cards-components/computer-power-supplies/abcat0507009.c?id=abcat0507009

A cheaper alternative is to providejust enough rails to total the overallcapacity, which makes it difficult to use allof a power supply's capacity. (This may bea clue that the PSU is solved Power Supply Unit question solved Question About Power Supply on a New Computer solved Choosing my power supply unit ( PSU ) ? Newer PSUs will often provide both a 24-pin ATX connector that doubles as a 20-pin connector. Denneisk You can never have too many watts, but if you want to save power and money, tally up the minimum wattage for all your installed components and round up.

  • If you're still a bit hazy on what exactly voltage and current are, it's probably better to quit now.
  • Yes it does, there are two 6-pin+2-pin.
  • Theadditional resistance is negligible.Compare the amperage of each voltage.​​​ A PSU's wattage rating isn'tconducive to determining amperage at anyspecific voltage.

A year-old PSU is most likely not capable of producing the same amount of energy it once did when it was new. 4 Determine the robustness of the PSU. Such a supply could easily put out 15 V, for example, under some conditions. solved Question about 250w Power Supply And new Graphics Card Question about my computer and power supply unit (PSU) Question about Power supply and Building new PC Question about power supply Jun 9, 2005 psu (power Supply) question.

It's only about $70 on Newegg with Promo code (http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16817139020) so it's not a bad deal either. Pretty much anything you can buy as consumer electronics will be a regulated power supply. CH000903 Will a power supply work without being connected to the Motherboard? http://www.tomshardware.com/answers/id-2545132/question-power-supply-computer-parts.html Efficiency drops over time and during the life of the PSU.

Such articles are intended for qualified power supply repair technicians only. How well does the PSU handle changes in current? Also, most PSUs will haveboth a 4-pin and 8-pin auxiliary 12Vconnector for motherboards, and only high-end PSUs will have one or more 6-pin PCI-E connectors for video cards.Look for PSUs with Take what a device says on its nameplate seriously and don't give it more voltage than that.

For example, if a unlabeled device was powered from a 9 V and 1 A supply, you can replace it with a 9 V and 1 or more amp supply. https://www.quora.com/What-is-the-power-supply-unit-PSU-in-a-computer-system-Is-it-only-about-SMPS-or-more-parts-of-the-CPU This information should be provided when purchasing a PSU from an online vendor and visible on the unit's retail box. solved Selling my computer for parts, taking out my HDD and SSD, questions about how I should go about this. This event is often noisy and very busy.

Electrical components all have voltages above which they fail. this contact form Devices that needed the "12 V" were designed to handle that, so that was fine. The +2-pin would clip onto the 6-pin making it 8-pin if needed. In fact thats the one I currently have myself.

Asingle-rail design isn't itself a sign of a low-quality PSU.Get a modular PSU.​​ It will helpeliminate extra wires to get in the wayof cooling. All PSUs will have a sticker with their rated amperage at each voltage level. My motherboard is Asus B85M gamer and power supply is thermaltake 750W gold. have a peek here A year-old PSU is most likely notcapable of producing the same amount ofenergy it once did when it was new.Determine the robustness of the PSU.​​How well does the PSU handlechanges in

So, to connect a core2Duo processor to an older model PSU ensure the overall wattage of the pc system is not above the PSU max. Oct 17, 2012 #3 adam donald TS Rookie Topic Starter Dont know much about power supplys. CH000802 My computer or computer plug is sparking or smoking.

The relevant safety standard requires a20A limit, which is quite generous, giventhat the wires are smaller than those used inyour house to carry 15A. (But there's theadvantage that the wires aren't

It will draw 2 A whether the power supply can only provide the 2 A, or whether it could have supplied 3, 5, or 20 A. CH000585 Additional information about power in different countries. Anything 80% and above is good. I also have a graphics card with a requirement of 60 watts.

There are various things a supply can do if you try to exceed the 1 A rating. The hub has a wireless Xbox receptor (with up to 4 xbox controllers ... PSU Ratings: +3.3V = 22A which would equate to 72.6W's +5V = 34A which would equate to 170W's +12V = 36A which would equate to 432W's -12V = 0.5A which would Check This Out Most of the time, lower voltage will just make a device not work, but damage can't be ruled out unless you know something about the device.

As that consumption is measured at the wall, multiply by the review system's power supplies efficiency to get the output. (If you don't know, 0.82 will be close or slightly pessimistic.) The original monitor PSU (PA-1650-68) was fixed at 19V and 3.32A. CH000999 Is it ok for a laptop to go into standby or hibernate instead of turning it off? What is the strongest drink in the world?

Start another question with power supply nuances like those mentioned and more, and I'll be happy to upvote. –Olin Lathrop Jun 29 '12 at 11:44 5 @variousResponders: I think that At 83%, approximately 17% of the wattage is lost as heat. Power supply questions for new pc parts Question about Power Supply for new Build Questions about power supply for new low-budget PC solved I am getting a new asrock 990fx extreme9 Switching power to a sensor Hack into a Lottery "Shipping address is same as billing address" or the other way around?

Regulated versus Unregulated Unregulated Very basic DC power supplies, called unregulated, just step down the input AC (generally the DC you want is at a much lower voltage than the wall Get the answer Ask a new question Read More Power Supplies Computers Switch Systems Surge Protector Related Resources Question about Motherboard+Power Supply Unit How can i know the watts of my display power-supply power asked Feb 15 at 14:28 Qow 161 0 votes 0answers 21 views X79 Boot issues after removing PSU This issue has me pretty stumped. CH000311 Fan is not spinning in the power supply.

I have tested with different chargers and different ... Specialty OEM supplies that are stripped down for cost could catch fire or vanish into a greasy cloud of black smoke. Volunteer The Overhead Myth (PDF) You shop. Has copy protection ever been used in physical books? "Shipping address is same as billing address" or the other way around?

Also, PSUs age, losing power over time. CH000302 Noise from computer. This is onedownside to a 120mm fan: while it doesprovide quieter cooling, the components tobe cooled must be more tightly packed. Usually it's "centre positive".

hard-drive power-supply asked Feb 8 at 17:25 Drew 155217 0 votes 0answers 15 views My tablet makes my chargers whine/hum. Applying too much voltage violates the design assumptions. Browse other questions tagged power-supply voltage current tutorial or ask your own question.

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