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Power Supply Diode Problem


Choose a good brand and keep in mind that good capacitors are expensive, but fixing a SMPS is hard enough and completely justifies the extra cost. Notes: One factor not mentioned in the answer is circuit operating voltage. I still don't get it Posted on June 30th 2016 | 2:49 pm Reply s sumit hello everyone, I have made full wave bridge rectifier circuit using IN4007 diodes. Since, while doing this test there are no dangerous voltages involved, you can easily use an oscilloscope to diagnose the feedback circuit. Source

Troubleshooting this circuit is in many ways easier than the more primitive circuit of Figure 5.2. Reading the specification label on the rear cover of the power supply and measuring the applied voltage can prevent catastrophic and costly failures. Reveal answer Hide answer I’ll let you and your classmates figure out some possibilities here! By a big american company design.

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The most significant digit of the switches often selects taps on transformer T1 so the pass transistor, or tube, does not have to stand the maximum voltage of the power supply. A more efficient circuit is shown below. If your students are experiencing difficulty understanding why a resistor would ever be necessary, jog their memories with this formula: i = C dv dt Question 16 Identify the voltages that Be sure to spend plenty of time in class with your students developing efficient and logical diagnostic procedures, as this will assist them greatly in their careers.

In case you haven’t guessed by now, there is a lot of stuff happening in this circuit! Figure 5.10, Isolated Switching Mode Power Supply Circuit. Beware of taking measures with an oscilloscope: oscilloscopes are grounded to the mains supply (and it's a bad idea to float them) and you could make a short with your ground Troubleshooting & Repairing Switch Mode Power Supplies Reveal answer Hide answer The resistor R tends to limit the output current, resulting in less-than-optimal voltage regulation (the output voltage "sagging” under load).

It's much better to measure the equivalent series resistance (ESR) and compare it with the one of a known good capacitor. Nothing gets destroyed. –Andre Oct 29 '13 at 10:59 @russellmcmahon lol –Andy aka Oct 29 '13 at 14:27 add a comment| up vote 2 down vote Shottky diodes leak WARNING: IF THE ELECTTRONIC ITEM HAS NOT BEEN TURNED ON FOR MANY YEARS, DON'T JUST PLUG IT IN AND TURN IT ON. see it here Zener diodes in this configuration are often used as stable references for more complicated voltage regulator circuits involving buffer amplifier stages to supply large currents to the load.

For MOSFETs check the gate capacitance that should not exceed the one of the old component and the gate threshold voltage that has to be similar to the old device. Power Supply Repair Guide Free Download If one of the transistors is good it will most likely have 0.6 volts between base and emitter. Typically, students practice by working through lots of sample problems and checking their answers against those provided by the textbook or the instructor. Learning to mathematically analyze circuits requires much study and practice.

  • This will virtually short the sense lead connections through the load.
  • Reveal answer Hide answer The (unfiltered) output voltage will be half-wave, not full-wave.
  • Just use the diode function of a multi-meter and check the junctions: shorts are easy to spot.
  • R7 is usually a screwdriver adjusted rheostat.
  • Figure 5.2, Simple Voltage Regulator Circuit.
  • Reverse Voltage Most AC to DC power supplies utilize a diode or a synchronous rectifier circuit configuration in the final output power processing stage.
  • Most high current power supplies have sense inputs.

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The follow-up question asks students to think carefully about the possible positive benefits of having a series resistor before the capacitor as shown in the student’s original design. https://www.eeweb.com/electronics-forum/power-supplies-in-parallel-problem Figure 5 Reverse voltage protection with diode and fuse Work with Us Products Technical Support Contact Magna-Power Worldwide Distributors USA Representatives About Magna-Power Company Profile News Events Leadership Team Careers Newsletter Power Supply Repair Guide Figure 6.2 Bridge rectifier: a full-wave rectifier using 4 diodes. Power Supply Troubleshooting & Repair Op amp ICs typically have a maximum voltage of plus and minus eighteen volts.

It introduces the for...next command, the wait command,... this contact form The battery voltage is set higher than the circuit needs and the regulator holds it constant until the voltage gets near the operating voltage. If an alternating voltage is applied across a power diode, during the positive half cycle the diode will conduct passing current and during the negative half cycle the diode will not Follow-up question #2: how could you test the two windings of the transformer for a possible open fault? Computer Power Supply Repair Manual

The switching frequency is quite high to place it well above the range of human hearing. Find out from what supplier they were bought. If insufficient current exists through DZ, then VOUT will be unregulated, and less than the nominal breakdown voltage. http://dotbowl.com/power-supply/power-supply-makes-clicking-noise-when-i-press-power-button.html Half Wave Rectification A rectifier is a circuit which converts the Alternating Current (AC) input power into a Direct Current (DC) output power.

Just measuring the capacitance may help, but it's not enough. Power Supply Repair Guide Pdf When the comparator output is high Q1 is off. Than, there may be something wrong with the feedback circuit: a good trick is to apply an external adjustable DC voltage to the SMPS output (the SMPS being not connected to

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A conservative approach to equipment enclosure cooling is to place intake vents at the bottom of the enclosure and place fans, rated at the same cubic feet per minute, at the A resistor must be used to limit the current to a safe value for the bench power supply. Will get back to you when im done with the reading :) »Reply Ian Brown (+1),4 years ago Score:0 Depends what type of power supply as you could end Power Supply Repair Service The term rectifier describes a diode that is being used to convert AC to DC.

Power Diode Example No1 Calculate the voltage across VDC and the current IDC, flowing through a 100Ω resistor connected to a 240 Vrms single phase half-wave rectifier as shown above. In most sciences, realistic experiments are much more difficult and expensive to set up than electrical circuits. What follows is a sequential record of her measurements: VTP1−TP2 = 118 volts AC VTP3−TP2 = 0 volts AC VTP1−TP3 = 118 volts AC VTP4−TP5 = 0.5 volts AC VTP7−TP8 = Check This Out Such an amplifier has current gain.

Where Vmax is the maximum or peak voltage value of the AC sinusoidal supply, and VS is the RMS (Root Mean Squared) value of the supply. See the Innovations Social Quick Links About ADI Analog Dialogue Careers Contact us Investor Relations News Room Quality & Reliability Sales & Distribution Languages English 简体中文 日本語 Руccкий Newsletter Interested in A half-wave rectifier is a circuit that allows only one half-cycle of the AC voltage waveform to be applied to the load, resulting in one non-alternating polarity across it. For a verbal description click here. Figure 5.1 shows the four rectifier-filter circuits you are most likely to encounter.

The resulting DC delivered to the load “pulsates” significantly. A power supply operated without sampling an output parameter can either damage output components in the power supply or damage the load. If they are not cylindrical anymore, are "inflated", have a dome-shaped top or bottom side (instead of being flat) or have leaked they're faulty. This way, you won’t have to measure any component’s value more than once.

R6 helps to isolate the output of the op amp from the base of Q2 so Q4 doesn't have to pull the output voltage of the op amp down. The gate to channel junction can short in which case the drain current will go up to the zero bias value and stay there. Although a simple power supply has little to go wrong, as pointed out earlier in this book failures can cascade turning a simple problem into a more complex one. A variant of this is to use two capacitors in series for the output smoothing on a bridge rectifier then place a switch between the midpoint of those capacitors and one

Each type of regulator has its minimum regulator drop. If students are not understanding why there is a frequency difference, you might want to help them out by asking two students to come up to the front of the class Back to top. <- Return to previous page Parametric Search Products Applications Design Center Community Education Support Wiki Login Resources and Tools Evaluation Boards & Kits FPGA Reference Designs Quick Start The big high power components and small heat sinks are typical of SMPS.

Almost all of the AC component of current in R1 flows back to the center-tap through C2. Circuits of this kind are not used in bench power supplies but are frequently seen in fixed voltage regulators such as those found in Tektronix oscilloscopes, H P signal generators, etc. If even one defective diode is found you should replace all of them. The primary circuit showing connection to the power line, switch, and fuse have been omitted but will always be present in the device on your bench.

Current flow through the rectifier whose forward voltage dropped first, will rise, causing the rectifier to get even hotter. 3. Water-cooled units are ideally suited for applications with poor air quality or for higher density rack mount installations that cannot meet airflow requirements. On the pictures in this page, this separation is often marked with a dashed red line.

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