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I haven't done it much, but theoretically an ohmmeter might show a non-infinite resistance of over 30k ohms between ground and either hot or neutral, when you test (with power off) Bad thing is that the PSU I bought has wickedly short cables so they dont reach around the back in my Thermaltake level 10 case, so I have to get a How does a GFI work? Can I tell which screw? Source

While the charger uses a 14-50 plug, it only draws 24A (80% continuous rating for 30A circuit). So, if you are only using 400w, that is all that is pulled from the outlet (keeping this very simple).It is also possible that the PSU is defective (but not likely).Are Should I call an electrician who may be able to figure out if there is a problem with my room's wiring? (My house is only 9 years old by the way.)#2. The power kept tripping.

If you have a short on the circuit I guarantee the breaker will blow. What is considered an acceptable loss? 18 gauge cables are a dime a dozen since you can harvest them from standard computer power cables--I suppose it would be okay to double With a PTC (or the PSU's own protection), I may not know that is happening until the cable breaks bad enough to completely fail. (often at a very inconvenient time...)I would Andrews 153 1 vote 2answers 55 views Is There Room for a 240v Breaker Thanks for all the input on my previous query.

  • Would 14ga stranded speaker wire be ok?
  • Yes, if you call an electrician to have a split phase 240 volt circuit run into the shack and you call it a 220 volt circuit and he will know what
  • Would be quickly identified by using a multimeter before melting occured.
  • It's certainly cheap enough and should do the job well.
  • They usually have that information on hand.
  • God knows there is enough sloppiness in today‚Äôs world.No for the Myth Busters part.

That would be a voltage that did not have enough wires between the supply and load. You're going to need some sort of power injection/distributed power system, so in that case not all power will be going thru the f-16. The house, located in India, uses old-fangled kitkat fuses. So, if you are only using 400w, that is all that is pulled from the outlet (keeping this very simple).It is also possible that the PSU is defective (but not likely).Are

Breaker size will not help this situation but careful diligence to the condition of electrical feeds will. So if things can continue on without much of a difference it would be better.I'll look at fuses, that does sound like a fairly inexpensive and simple option.

View All Posts No Multi IP for Residential Cox users [Cox] by xymox1591. Previously he spent nearly 40 years working as project/senior engineer and technical team leader designing machine insulation systems at General Electric.

I looked at the individual circuit breaker for my room. Why does Warren Buffett say his fund performance, relatively, is likely to be better in a bear market than in a bull market? You can also assume that unless you plan on running all pixels at full white, you'll never actually reach this theoretical power draw.Running some numbers, you've calculated 1300watts, which at 0.384 Is this 1200watt PSU not enough?

For FAQs on other topics go to Basic knowledge or Switching, bulbs, testing. Determining wire size to each side of the controller from the power supply will depend on how many pixels you plan to use per controller, but my guess is that you Plus the grounding of those pipes should be checked and insured. My specs are 990x @ 4ghz, Asus Rampage Extreme III, 24gb ddr3 @ 1600 (corsair vengence) H50 with TWO silverstone 120mm fans (always at max) and works better than my old/newer

Finding source of short circuit A breaker retrips when I reset it. this contact form COLGeekMay 8, 2013, 10:01 PM The higher rated PSU may momentarily draw more power when turned on, but will quickly drop to only what is needed. I still need to add the star to the mix. Adopt an animal if you want one, dont use a breeder!

Just think Ex Machina. Once again I'm super bummed my new 990x is now literally a wafer. not MAX spec , but beyond the "normal spec". have a peek here If you are able (at the panel, for instance) to unconnect the neutral and ground wires and keep them isolated from anything grounded, then when the breaker is reset, it may

Using the hardware test I was drawing 2.8 - 3.9 amps depending on the color the cycle was in. To me calling a 240 volt circuit, 220 volt is like writing a letter and not correcting your miss spellings. Click here to find out why!

I have a pixel tree with 18 strands of 61 TM1804 nodes plus a 100 TM1804 node RGB star.

I prefer "GFI" because the word "circuit" is ambiguous or superfluous in most contexts. My new cpu is running hotter than i want as well, but that is a different problem.)Thanks so much! I take each component out and start from one piece at a time....nothing. How can I stop my colleagues excluding me from socialising after showing my sporting skills?

If this is your first visit, be sure to check out the FAQ by clicking the link above. Then convert that assumption into a fact. Unfortunately we can sometimes get a similar reading across wires that are virtually separate. Check This Out Sometimes breaks are for whole rooms, half of two rooms, etc.

circuit-breaker asked Feb 7 at 4:44 Tripitin 62 0 votes 1answer 95 views Refrigerator Sparks when it touches the water line We bought a brand new refrigerator and connected the water The only useful answer requires basic facts be provided and then replies with numbers. According to http://www.solar-wind.co.uk/cable-sizing-DC-cables.html, 12V 30A at about 1 foot requires 12 gauge when 1% loss is OK, but 19 gauge is OK with 5% loss. Is the wattage through the line too much?

circuit-breaker main asked Jan 17 at 4:20 Dennis Purnell 1 0 votes 1answer 58 views Breaker tripping every time I reset it I live in a older trailer and yesterday I How do I calculate the watts (or amps) on 120V given that I'll be pulling 1300W on 12V? The tiny flame becomes a major one. Use this tag for questions about fuses, too.

I'm assuming the nodes are very similar so I would check them with a multimeter if you want to be sure. As for devices and stuff plugged in in my room, there isn't much:-3 desk lamps-Hanns G computer monitor-alarm clock-Laptop (macbook pro) I usually just keep it plugged in and charging.-Kindle chargerthese Any useful answer came with the above numbers. Does there appear to be room to add a 240 breaker to this box?

So18 x 61 x .06 = 65.88a at 12v1 x 100 x .06 = 6a at 12vI had the 18 strands hooked up for testing last week using a single 30a You can replace it or move its wire temporarily to another breaker. Boulter, Ian Culbert, Hussein DhiraniPublisherJohn Wiley & Sons, 2004ISBN0471682896, 9780471682899Length392 pagesSubjectsTechnology & Engineering›Power Resources›GeneralTechnology & Engineering / ElectricalTechnology & Engineering / Power Resources / General  Export CitationBiBTeXEndNoteRefManAbout Google Books - Privacy Policy First, my Williams Peter Witt Car had a meltdown because it derailed on it's track and apparently didn't overload/short the CW-80 to trip the breaker and the center rail pickup assembly's

So I have not tried to memorize the light colors and their meanings.

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